Aaron Rodgers has made it extremely open that he needs to return ahead of schedule from the Achilles tear he experienced on the New York Planes' most memorable drive of the time.

On Monday, following the Planes' 27-6 misfortune to the Los Angeles Chargers, Rodgers dropped the most recent clue about his future. In a second caught by ESPN's cameras and mouthpieces, Rodgers welcomed Chargers safety Darwin James Jr. close to the 50-yard line.

James hit Rodgers with the inquiry everybody needs to be aware of. "When are you returning?" James inquired. "Give me half a month," Rogers answered. Announcement A day to day instructions of what you want to be aware

It will be an exceptional few weeks for the Achilles injury, yet Rodgers trusts in the force of openness, which he has featured on numerous occasions during his week after week appearances on The Pat McAfee Show.

"I trust in the force of your psyche and your will," Rogers said the month before. " Willpower. Essentially, this entire time I said, 'I maintain that I should do this recovery.' I have a few extraordinary individuals to work with."

Newsweek contacted the Planes by means of email in regards to Rodgers' physical issue course of events.