USA, Netherlands set up dramatic Group E finale No winner culminated in the rematch of the 2019 FIFA Women's World Cup final between the United States and the Netherlands at Wellington Regional Stadium on Wednesday, but a 1- 1 draw set the stage for a dramatic final day's play in GroupE.

What can you miss? Jill Roord opened the scoring for the Netherlands in the 17th nanosecond of the match on Wednesday. The Netherlands scored an unbeaten( 14W- 2D- 0L) record in all matches. - Lindsay Horan responded with a thing for the USA in the 62nd nanosecond. Horan has contributed five appearances( one thing or one help) in six games at the Women's World Cup.

USAvs. Netherlands highlights — Horan scored his thing after being dived hard by the Netherlands midfielder — and his Lyon teammate — Daniel van de Donk. Horan's response to the attack could have gotten him transferred off if it escalated, butU.S. protector Julie Ertz served as his voice of reason on the field." He was like,' Please do not get another unheroic card. Score this thing to shut everyone up,'" Horan said." And that is what happened."

— The USWNT would have been happy with the palm in a statement Wednesday, but the platoon also sees value in coming from before to salvage a point." It's really about your instigation and coming together as a platoon in those moments of adversity," Ertz said." When you face off beforehand, I suppose it gives you further confidence going into the event."

" I was a bit frenetic at him" Lindsay Horan breaks down her pretensions — With four points from two games, the USWNT is well placed to advance to the Round of 16 — still, the Americans have yet to advance. Then is a full breakdown of what they need to do in their coming match to insure their place in the knockout stages.

— Telma Encarnação scored the first goal for Portugal at the Women's World Cup, ultimately leading to their first palm in the event. Portugal beat Vietnam 2- 0 to reach the two- thing mark for their first Women's World Cup debut at this time's event. — With the rearmost results in Group E, Vietnam will no longer qualify for the knockout stages.

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